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Apart from the right team, there is one thing that a racing team should never be without, and that is strongly motorised cars. A strong motorization, volume and a chic design, these are the features that distinguish racing cars. Of course the ST Motorsport team can also show some treasures in this area. Here you will find pictures and data of our entire fleet. One thing is to be anticipated: There is certainly something for every taste!

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Iceracing



Model: 991
Cubic capacity in ccm: 3.436
Road legal:  yes
Cylinder: 6
Power (KW/PS): 257/350
Torque 390 Nm at 5,600 rpm
Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Ice Racing



Model: MF5-GT
Cubic capacity in ccm: 4.395
Road legal:  yes
Cylinder: 8/v-motor
Power (KW/PS): 503/685
Torque: 520 Nm at 6,100 rpm
Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW 325i

BMW 325i (3 Stück)


Model: 325i
Cubic capacity in ccm: 2.497
Road legal:  ja
Cylinder: 6
Power (KW/PS) 160/218
Torque: 250 Nm at 2,750 rpm
Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW M3 - E36

BMW M3 E36


Model: M3
Cubic capacity in ccm: 2.990
Road legal:  ja
Cylinder: 6
Power (KW/PS): 210/286
Torque: 320 Nm at 3,600 rpm


Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Audi Quattro S1/E2

Audi Quattro S1/E2

650 PS / 4mm spikes
WRC group B 1986
edition Walter Röhrl

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Mitsubishi EVO IV

Mitsubishi EVO IV

350 PS / 6 mm spikes
WRC group A 1996,
World champion 1996 – 1999

Edition Tommi Mäkkinen

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Ford Escort RS 1800

Ford Escort RS 1800

200 PS / 4 mm spikes
WRC Rothmanns Rallye Team, World Champion 1981
Edition Ari Vatanen

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