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You want to prove your driving skills and improve your driving skills in a professional coaching? Then Trackday is the right place for you. In the course of a free training session, where only approved racing teams are allowed on the Nürburgring track, you can book a training session with our coaches.

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Nürburgring

Details of the event

Free driver training on the Grand Prix circuit, which is closed to public transport during the event. The event is not aimed at achieving top speeds and not at determining the shortest driving time, but at optimizing driving skills and technique.

Groups: Driving will be “Open Pitlane”, i.e. there will be no separation of permitted and non-permitted vehicles. Volume limit: The volume limit on this day is 100 dB(A).

Daily routine

On Trackday there will be two free driving trainings which are separated by a common lunch. The day starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. The schedule of the driving training is as follows.

– Handover of the vehicle
– Briefing / Briefing
– 4 hours “driving”

Optionally we offer you a coaching or a coaching with video analysis.

The coaches

Paul Martin Dose - Coach - Stein Tveten Motorsport

Paul Martin Dose

Since 1975 in motorsport.

– FIA/DMSB- Licence Instructor
– Chief Instructor at Pistenclub E.v.
– Instructor & Coach at Scuderia Hanseat
– Instructor Sport Auto Perfection Training
– Nordschleife. Numerous victories, among others Int.
German Rally Championship.

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - Nürburgring

Die neue Grand-Prix-Strecke

After Formula 1 only drove at Hockenheim from 1977, the possibilities of a renewal of the Nürburgring were discussed. The choice fell on a race track that only had the start-finish straight in common with the old circuit. The original south loop was abandoned and rededicated to public transport. The shortened north loop still exists, it can be used independently of the operation of the neighbouring Grand Prix track. More information on

Nico Bastian - Coach - Stein Tveten Motorsport

Nico Bastian

In addition to motor sports, Nico works as an instructor and moderator. “I like to share my experience as a racing driver with the audience in my work as an instructor and or as an expert in moderation.
Go on. I do this job because I enjoy working with people”, Nico Bastian.

Nico Kalf - Coach - Stein Tveten Motorsport

Nico Kalf

At a young age, Nico Kalf made a considerable name for himself in international karting by founding his own motorsport team. His
activities have always included the support and coaching of young racing talents as well as the expertise of data analysis in motor sports.

The vehicles:

BMW 325i (3x)

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW 325i

BMW M3 – E36

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW M3 - E36