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As paydriver at ST Motorsport we are looking for exactly YOU!

To become a Paydriver at ST Motorsport you can choose between different models. You get a racing car provided by the racing team and become a full team member. Of course you should also have racing experience and a passion for motorsports.

“TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More” The ST-Motorsport Team would be delighted to meet you!

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW 325i
What is a paydriver?

Paydriver can be translated into German with Paydriver This is a racing driver who races for a certain racing team. A so-called paydriver is characterized by the fact that he supports the racing team financially. The financial support can come from a sponsor, but also from the private assets of the driver.

What are the origins of Paydriver?

Often paydrivers provide financial support. It is often the case that racing drivers have their own sponsors or patrons. This gives them the opportunity to become part of a professional racing team through financial participation.

Is a paydriver even a "professional" then?

As already described, paydrivers pay money to start as a race driver in a certain racing team. However, it should be stressed that this does not automatically mean that the reason for the purchase is a lack of suitability as a racing driver. The best example of this is that many well-known racing drivers such as Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso started their racing careers as paydrivers. Thanks to their talents and their driving skills, they were even able to win over well-known and technically clearly superior racing teams and attract their attention. The money to buy themselves into the racing team, the aforementioned racing drivers received at that time, among others, from manufacturers in the automotive industry. 

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