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Mastering the technique, pushing the limits of driving physics again and again, has an almost magical fascination for all of us in the team! And we are allowed to experience this fascination again and again on the most beautiful and legendary race track in the world, the “green hell” of the Nürburgring Nordschleife! In the midst of engine sounds and squealing tires we compete against other motor sportsmen almost every weekend during the racing season. The events are for example the RCN and the VLN. We try to work optimally within the team and get the best out of the cars, whether as mechanics or drivers!

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW 325i


The terms RCN and VLN racing should be well known to every racing enthusiast. Also the ST Motorsport team is in permanent connection with the events. Weekends enthusiastic racing drivers duel with each other in the middle of the green hell. For all those who ask themselves the question what RCN and VLN actually is, we have answers in the following.

What is the VLN?

VLN stands for the Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring. The special thing about it is that drivers of different cars duel with each other in different classes. Normally this sports event lasts 4 or 6 hours. The Endurance Championship takes place on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in connection with the Grand-Prix Sprint Track. Normally you can count more than 175 race cars in these races. Here a race car is normally driven by several drivers in rotation.

How long is the race track within the VLN?

One lap within the VLN is 24,36km long. It consists of the sprint track of the Grand Prix Course and the well-known Nordschleife.

How much does it cost to watch races at the Nordschleife?

This is free for the complete Nordschleife. Only in the paddock and at the grandstands of the Grand Prix circuit, tickets worth 18.00€ have to be bought. But also for supporting events, such as the 24-hour race, a ticket price is charged.

Stein Tveten - Motorsport - BMW 325i - Nürburgring
What is the RCN?

RCN stands for the Circuit Challenge Nürburgring. The RCN is known as the oldest touring car motorsport series in Germany. The RCN is a performance test. Here the RCN can be compared with a rally, in which sprints are run according to speed and not race position. Thus accidents can be avoided and costs can be kept low. Also in relation to the pit stops this has some advantages, such as the fact that there is almost no time pressure.

How long is the race track within the RCN?

Normally the RCN races are driven on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. This has a length of 20.83 kilometres. The Grand Prix track is not used during the RCN races.

When do RCN races normally take place?

Normally the event is set for Saturday afternoon.

Which vehicles are allowed to participate in the RCN?

Within the framework of the RCN, a basic requirement of the racing cars is that they are equipped with a roll cage, an emergency stop, a fire extinguisher and a window shatter protection. However, it does not matter whether it is a pure racing car, a road-legal or a registered car. Here a distinction can be made between the group VLN series car, group H, 24h special, GT-2, group N/DN and group F. However, it is also a prerequisite that the cars are fitted with tyres from the manufacturer Hankook.

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